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Social Responsibility

Social Responsibility


In Telison, we are committed to technological innovation, environmental protection, social progress and development of the concept of the Trinity. The company is committed to research and development of core technologies and new materials and applications development, with a view to environment-friendly high-end products and new materials research and development production, to achieve sustainable development and promote the effective integration of social progress. Meanwhile, we will actively committed to social responsibility, employee benefits and unremitting increase the happiness index, pay close attention to people's needs, public-spirited, continue to explore, not forgetting the beginning of the heart.



Environmental goals

To realize the above commitment, the company's behavior

1、In all activities of the company, try to prevent or reduce the adverse effects on the environment.

2、Improve the production process in the economic and technical feasibility of the range, in order to achieve low efficiency.

3、Periodic testing and evaluation of environmental factors, continue to improve, maintain effective bad environment management system.

4、Compliance with legal requirements and international conventions on the environment Environmental countries and regions, the public desire to respect the environment.

5、Education and training and awareness improve the overall environmental awareness and build environmental protection system.

6、To  public statement, published environmental policy, practical commitment to protect the environment, public service and dedication.

Fulllove Donations, Fullkindness Telison

August 18, 2015 as early as 8:30, a fully caring donation relief activities held in Xi'an production base.The event for the  operator Chen of the Telison production base rolling process A class and workers Chen of QC inspection process packaging  couple,for their children who has  eye cancer to raise high treatment costs and preparation;Activities led by the Telison union, the company departments to groups involved. 

It is reported that July 20, Chen Gong and his wife 1 year old children were found to have acute eye cancer, the couple then took the child was removed to Sichuan West .China Hospital for treatment. In order to prevent the proliferation of cancer cells, the hospital in early August on the implementation of the left eye removal surgery. 

Telison union leaders learned of the news, the first time in the company launched the initiative to mobilize everyone to donate for the Chen couple.

 The fund-raising activities for a total of 20 minutes, all employees of the full participation of Telison, the activities raised a total of 33,671.5 yuan of funds, all funds will be transferred to Chen Gong couple name, as the child's treatment costs.

Donation ceremony, the Telison trade unions also sent a representative to the hospital to visit children, sent  the care to couple Chen.

Even if the disease is ruthless, and how the enemy had full love heart. In the Telison family, the staff from the heart of a love, so that Chen and his wife moved endless. Hope this love, can be like a spark of light, light up everyone's heart.

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